Specially manufactured tool to change from 16 grams to 45 & 72 grams Co2 Cartridge. Produced for all J.M. Models. Sparepart.

Rubust rifle transport case for Model JM.SP. & JM.SP.25. 80 x 33 x 14 cm.
Rubust rifle transport case for Model JM.DB.13. & JM.DB.11. 115 x 36.5 x 14 cm.
Rubust rifle transport case for Model IM 133 x 30 x 12cm.
Special produced stainless steel training needle 2.0 x 30 mm, (red) without injection ports for Dan-Inject rifle/ pistol dart syringe. 100% quality control.
Filling and maintenance kit for rifle/pistol dart syringe, each kit includes following items: 2 Air realease pin ( DVP), 2 COU mount with MONO for loading (air) , 1 disposable drug filling syringe with needle, 1 Silicone Oil ( OIL ), 1 Training needle red ( TC300 ), 2 protection covers for 1.5 and 3 ml dart syringes ( PO3R ) and 2 protection covers for 5 and ml dart syringes ( PRO5 ) .
Syringes connector, (Coupling). The Syringe connector is used to connect the MONO syringe and the dart syringe together in order to pressurize the dart or to clean the dart.

Replacement stabilizer for 5 and 10ml rifle/pistol dart syringe. RED / WHITE.