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Accessories for Dan-Inject CO2-Injectionsrifles

CO2-cartridge, 72 grams, about 40 shots, for Model I.M. and all JM. Models.

Specially manufactured tool to change from 16 grams to 45 & 72 grams Co2 Cartridge. Produced for all J.M. Models. Sparepart.


Replacement, Nut with square whole used for 16 grams Co2-cartridge. Produced for the J.M. Models.
Replacement, Dummy mount with coupling for foot air pump without rubber.
Spare sealing gasket used with CO2-cartridge for JM. Models.
Foot air pump with rubber tubing, coupling and connecting CO2-dummy, about 3 shots, for all Dan-Inject CO- Injection rifles.
11mm rifle barrel for Model JM Standard for high precision darting.
13mm barrel to be used with 5 & 10 ml. darts for the JM Models.