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DANiNJECT Projectors

Projectors - CO2 Injection Rifles and Pistols

What matters most to us is that our customers get the best DANiNJECT projector for their work and specific purpose.

We configure the rifles to the user’s specific needs in relation to their work and tasks. We take huge pride in understanding the purpose for which the projector is needed and offer our recommendations in the decision process.

The DANiNJECT projectors have been developed over the last 35 years in close cooperation with veterinarians, research scientists, and other professionals working with immobilization under extreme field conditions.

The result has been a projector system with the highest quality, function, and finish designed to meet the most demanding requirements for reliability and accuracy. The projectors are all fitted with specially designed barrels for precision shooting, which makes the DANiNJECT projectors the by far most accurate projectors on the market.

The projectors come in many different models from the more traditional rifle-looking model with wooden stock to models that represents a more revolutionary departure from previous injection rifle on the market, as well as models with the design of a pistol.

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DANiNJECT darts and needles

Darts and Needles

The DANiNJECT dart can also be configurated to your specific situation and task.

The dart has three components: Stabilizer, Dart Syringe, and Needle. These components can be combined in multiple ways to secure the exactly right dart for your specific task.

Extensive research in materials over 35 years in combination with state-of-the-art injection molding technology has led to the development and production of the unique multiple reuse DANiNJECT dart syringe.

Our dart syringe has been developed and engineered to withstand extreme climatic and temperature variation, so it is suitable for virtually all environmental conditions with very high durability. Resistance to damage is exceptionally high and the multiple reuses offer obvious economic benefits.

The needles are 100% handmade and developed according to the need and demand of the DANiNJECT users, i.e. immobilization, medication, biopsy, and tracking. We continuously perfect existing needles and develop new needles when users of DANiNJECT have special requests.

All needles are 100 % quality controlled after each production phase, which leads to a unique product with a zero-fault level.

The Stabilizer is also 100 % handmade. It is designed to give the dart the most precise flight path and at the same time minimize the impact on the animal, which is part of the reason why DANiNJECT is by far the most humane immobilization system in the world.


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DANiNJECT blowpipe systems

Blowpipe System

The DANiNJECT Blowpipe Systems provide a safe, precise, and cost-effective remote injection of animals of all sizes at shorter distances up to 15 meters.

For extra hygiene for the users, all models can be delivered with detachable mouthpieces.

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DANiNJECT jab stick system

Jab Stick System

The DANiNJECT Jab Stick is a revolutionary and better choice than any pole syringe.

The jab stick is a very effective and humane tool for automatically delivering the drug in less than a second in one single jab. The jab stick can be used under any climatic conditions and even under water.

It is very easily cleaned and maintained. All consumables, i.e. syringes and needles, are multiple re-use and also easy to clean.

The DANiNJECT Jab Stick is especially useful in confined situations, on water and under water where absolute restraint is impossible. It is the obvious choice when working with animals like cattle, horses, camels, pigs, sheep, goats, and marine mammals.

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Carry and handling system

Carry and handling system

The DANiNJECT Carry and Handling System is designed for the safe, humane, and hygienic handling and movement of immobilized animals.

The rugs are designed for extremely high robustness and durability as well as for employee safety and ergonomics. Allows up to 16 persons lift (up to 800 kg) on integrated enforced handles or by use of carrying beams.

There are three sizes of carrying mats: Large, medium, and small.

The small rug is a very refined carry rug with an insulation mat, detachable carry poles, and strings for attachment to weight. It is very useful with all smaller animals, less than 100 kg, and especially in clinics and Zoos.

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