User instructions

Biopsy needle and dart instruction

In close cooperation with South African scientists DANiNJECT have developed a dart for taking remote biopsy samples. We highly recommend this new dart for taking remote biopsys.

However, you can also use the regular darts to take biopsys by mounting a biopsy needle to teh dart. The DANiNJECT Biopsy Needle must be used on either the 1.5 ml or 3.0 ml DANiNJECT rifle/pistol dart. The following procedure must be used for proper operation of the DANiNJECT Biopsy Needle.

1 . Load the dart with 1.5 ml or 3.0 ml of water in the medication chamber as would be done with drugs for a medication delivery.

2. Place the enclosed nail/pin in the end of the dart, block or plugging the water so it will not leak out of the dart.


4. Inspect the DANiNJECT Biopsy Needle, making sure the vent-hole placed on the side of the needle is not sealed. The hole allows air to escape from the Biopsy needle, so that the tissue stays in the needle.

5. Place the DANiNJECT Biopsy Needle firmly on the dart. Use pliers to insure a tight fit on the dart.

6. Pressurize the DANiNJECT rifle or pistol for the shot as normal, however it is recommended that an additional 1 to 2 bars of pressure be used when taking a biopsy sample. The increase in pressure will cause the needle and dart to "bounce" free of the animal quickly.

7. Upon retrieval of the dart and needle the tissue sample is easily removed with the enclosed tissue removal pin.

8. Inspect and clean the DANiNJECT Biopsy Needle before the next use.