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Accessories for Dan-Inject CO2-Injectionsrifles

Spare plastic grip front, with fitting for Dan-Inject JM Models.


Replacement, Nut with square whole used for 16 grams Co2-cartridge. Produced for the J.M. Models.

Leupold, RX-650 Digital rangefinder

Drug dosages easily and quickly located for 600 species. Nearly 3,000 references linked to species, Animal and human emergency medicine rapid reference sections. Terry J. Kreeger, MS, DVM, PhD Jon M. Arnemo, DVM, PhD, Dipl ECZM
Foot air pump with rubber tubing, coupling and connecting CO2-dummy, about 3 shots, for all Dan-Inject CO- Injection rifles.
Replacement, Dummy mount with coupling for foot air pump without rubber.
Spare 16 grams CO2-Cartridge holder for all JM Models and PICO2.