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DAN-INJECT CO2 Injection Rifle Model JM.DB.13

A different version of the JM Model is the JM.DB Model, which is the only model in the world with a double barrel technique. The standard model of JM.DB is delivered with 11mm and 13mm barrels. It is easy to interchange the 11mm barrel (for 1.5 and 3.0 ml darts) and the 13mm barrel (for 5.0 and 10.0 ml darts).
This is a an advantage to the user who needs to frequently change between the two barrels, and thereby avoid having


to ´true´the rifle to precisely hit the target. The double barrel is advantageous in the situation where one cannot choose the dosing level until arriving at the location and seeing the specific situation. If desired, this model can also be delivered with two barrels of the same size.

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Technical specification:

Overall length:

Range (Effective)
11mm rifled barrel:
13mm bore barrel:
Pressure Adjustment:
CO2 source:
Telescopic sight:


107 cm
3,5 kg excl. Telescopic sight
11 mm rifled barrel for 1.5 and 3 ml dart
13 mm bore barrel for 5 and 10 ml dart

1 - 60 meters
1 - 40 meters
Silent (+/-) to 25 bar
16 gm, 45 gm and 72 gm cartridge
Manual trigger block
1.5 - 4.5 x 32 mm

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Delivered zeroed with Pressure Adjustment Tables


Rifle case
Item no.: JM.DB.CASE

Air System:
Item no.: VA1

Telescopic sight:
Item no.: REDDOT


Robus, rigid hard case (illustrated)
114x36x14 cm

Pressure pump and adapted cartridge.
Max. 3 shots

Red Dot Sight Aimpoint CompC



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