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DAN-INJECT CO² Injection Rifle Model J.M.ST.

The DAN-INJECT JM STANDARD model represents a radical departure from previous injection rifle design. With an overall length no longer than the barrel, the JM STANDARD is an extremely compact rifle which offers many practical features. The new design maintains the established DAN-INJECT reputation for reliability and accuracy, which the JM STANDARD rifle continues to deliver over normal darting distances. The rifle is of very robust construction with a synthetic covered barrel, carrying handle and shrouded manometer.


As the manometer and telescopic sight can be viewed simultaneously, pressure adjustment is rapidly and silently achieved without the operator losing sight of the target animal. All parts are manufactured of weather resistant anodised aluminium and stainless steel fastenings are used throughout.

This model can also be delivered with a rifle barrel for longer accurate darting (Model J.M.ST.R).

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Technical specification:

Overall length:
Range (Effective):
Range (Maximum):
Pressure adjustment:
CO² source:
Telescopic sight:


105 cm
2.9 kg inc. telescopic sight
11mm bore barrel
1 - 40 metres
130 meteres with 1.5 ml capacity dart
Silent (+/-) to 16 bar
16 gm, 45 gm and 72 gm cartridge
Manual trigger block
1.5 - 4.5 x 32mm

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Delivered zeroed with Pressure Adjustment Tables


Rifle case:
Item no.: J.M.C.

Air System:
Item no.: VA1

Item no.: BJ13mm

Telescopic sight:
Item no.: REDDOT


Specially produced soft transport case (illustrated).

Pressure pump and adapted cartridge.
Max. 3 shots

13 mm bore for 5 & 10 ml darts

Red Dot Sight Aimpoint CompC

  jm std etui


jm std lock

JMST plus minus on

  jm std unlock

JMST plus minus off