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Dan-Inject Dart syringes

Extensive materials research and the latest injection moulding technology have been used in the production of DAN-INJECT dart syringes. DAN-INJECT is the only company in which the entire line of pistol and rifle dart syringes are produced by injection tools that are developed and owned by the conpany. These dart syringes have been engineered to withstand extremes of climatic and temperature variation. As a result they are suitable for virtually all environmental conditions and have very high durability. Resistance to damage is exceptional and multiple use is intended, with obvious economical benefits to the operator. DAN-INJECT subject all darts to a 100% quality control regime prior to dispatch to all regions of the world.

Therefore do not compare DAN-INJECT dart syringes with those of other manufacturers.

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Dan-Inject filling and maintenance kit.


Dan-Inject dart syringe fitted with a passive diode for radio location by the Recco search system.
Maximum seach radius 15-20 meters.


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High visibility luminous stabilisers are fitted and dart syringes are available with capacities from 1.5, 3.0, 5.0 and 10 ml.