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Dan-Inject Injection needles.

DAN-INJECT produce a wide range of needles in diameters of 1.5, 2.00 and 2.2 mm and lengths from 20 to 100 mm. DAN-INJECT injection needles with a diameter of 2.2 mm, length 60 and 100 mm are twice as strong as the needles with a diameter of 2.0 mm and are specially designed for thick-skinned animals.

Needles are available in plain, collared or barbed configurations and all offer 100% positive location when used with DAN-INJECT dart syringes. All needles are tip sealed with two injection ports located on the shaft 6 - 9 mm from the point. This allows for injection to the side for better dispersal and drug absorption and also reduces the possibility of blockage.

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Dan-Inject barbed, collared, plain and training needle.

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