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Dan-Inject CO2 and air pressure injection pistols

Model CO² PI
Model PI

The DAN-INJECT injection pistol is available in two models. Model PI operates from air pressure and comes complete with a foot air pump. Model CO² PI can be operated from either CO² cartridges or, using the optional foot air pump, with air pressure.



A robust and compact means of drug and medication delivery offering a high degree of operator safety, the DAN-INJECT dart pistols are suitable for use on all animal species at close ranges. The pistols are completely portable and can be rapidly dismantled and reassembled for immediate use. An inexpensive product which is particularly suitable for use in zoos, veterinary surgeries and smaller deer parks and farms.

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Technical specification:

Length overall:
Range (Effective):
Pressure adjustment:
Model CO² PI:
Model PI:

Item no.: PB13mm


110 cm
1 kg
11 mm bore for 1.5 & 3 ml dart
1 - 30 metres
Silent (+/-) to 12 bar

16 gm CO² cartridge
Foot air pump with quick coupling

13 mm bore for 5 & 10 ml darts, with connector (bushing).

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5 10 mm
13 mm barell