New distributor: Important for me to fully stand behind the quality of our products

DANiNJECT now has a distributor in the Czech Republic, where Petr Cakl and his company Animal ID will offer their customers the full range of DANiNJECT products. 

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The demand for remote immobilization equipment is increasing in the Czech Republic, and to offer its customers high-quality products, Petr Cakl has chosen to become a new distributor of DANiNJECT's equipment. ¨

“It is important to me that I can fully stand behind the quality of our products. If we guarantee high precision from 50 meters on a rifle, I need to be sure we can live up to that,” he says.

Increasing demond for remote immobilization

Petr Cakl is the owner of Animal ID, which he took over from his father who started the company back in 1993. As the name suggests, part of Animal ID's business is selling equipment for RFID tagging and identification of animals, and in recent years the demand for remote immobilization equipment has also increased.

“This is partly because there is an increase in eco farms, where animals are free range, but also some of the more traditional farmers have become aware of the benefits of remote immobilization and are asking for blowpipes, pistols, and rifles,” says Petr, who in addition to farmers in the Czech Republic also supplies and trains personnel from zoos and public authorities such as the police.

Products in continuous development

One of the reasons Petr will be offering DANiNJECT equipment to his customers going forward is the continuous development of the products.

“I think there has been a tendency that the quality of other products has been declining or at least has stood still for the last 20 years. I want to be part of something that evolves and improves over time so that we can continue to offer our customers what they need,” he says.

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