Transforming Safety and Animal Welfare with DANiNJECT's Jabstick

From Fear to Confidence with a Safer, More Efficient Tool

Written by Steffen Stræde

At the organic pig farm Greensgaard near Give in Denmark, the owner, Lene, has chosen to use DANiNJECT's Jabstick. This decision, made several years ago, has not only significantly improved the safety of the farm's employees but also enhanced the overall welfare of the pigs.

The primary motivation behind adopting the Jabstick at Greensgaard farm was to prioritize the safety of the farm's employees. Working with adult pigs can be challenging, and the risk of bites is a real concern. The Jabstick offers a reliable solution, providing assurance that employees can perform tasks without fear of being bitten when treating the sows

Lene reflects on the initial methods she was taught when starting to work with pigs, involving the use of normal short syringes in the field. Describing it as a "scary" experience, she emphasizes the fear and risk of bites that came with this traditional approach. Discovering the Jabstick nearly two decades ago transformed the way tasks are accomplished on the farm, offering a safer alternative that has been consistently used ever since.

With pigs roaming freely in large areas at Greensgaard farm, the Jabstick proves to be an efficient tool for various tasks. Vaccinations and treatments are easily administered by the feeding trough, and the loading and preparation for the next injection is effortlessly done while walking among the animals.

One of the remarkable features of the Jabstick is its minimal impact on the pigs' stress levels. The animals react lightly to the injection and calm down quickly. This is particularly evident when treating sows in huts, where the Jabstick allows for treatment from the outside so it isn’t needed to crawl into the huts and disturb the animals from the inside.

Beyond employee safety and operational efficiency, the Jabstick has played a crucial role in enhancing the overall welfare of the animals at Greensgaard farm. Stress levels are reduced, as the Jabstick eliminates the need to chase the pigs around during treatments. Even within the confines of huts, the pigs exhibit a mellow response to the jab, characterized by a brief squeal followed by a rapid return to calmness.

The adoption of the Jabstick at Greensgaard farm Pig Farm has proven to be a good solution, positively impacting both employee safety and animal welfare. As Lene and her team continue to prioritize the well-being of their pigs, the Jabstick stands as a testament to the importance of innovative and humane practices in modern pig farming.

Learn more about Lenes experiences with the DANiNJECT Jabstick in the video.