New microchip dart will make tagging of semi-wild animals much easier

The new microchip dart is now available. The innovative product will make chip marking of domestic animals much easier. 

Written by Steffen Stræde
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DANiNJECT has developed and patented an innovative new microchip dart which is now available for sale.

The microchip dart will be a game-changer in several nature conservation areas, especially in areas with rewilding.

microchip dart boxNew EU legislation has made it mandatory to tag most domestic animals - including those that live semi-wild - with an identification microchip.

With traditional methods, this is a huge task - herding together animals and immobilizing them to inject an identification tag. But with a DANiNJECT rifle and the new specially designed dart, you can inject the microchip under the skin of the animal from a distance, thereby avoiding traditional stressful herding methods and expensive and time-consuming immobilization.

Better animal welfare with fewer resources

This simplifies the whole process significantly, both in terms of animal welfare and the resources needed for the operation.  

The method has been thoroughly tested with great results. One of the tests was done on semi-wild Exmoor horses at Rewilding Mols, as you can see in this video:

Apart from a two-second startle, the animals experienced absolutely no stress and calmed down again immediately after being injected with the chip.

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