Relocating Tino - how DANiNJECT equipment helps in human-wildlife conflicts

When humans and wild animals start fighting over resources, relocating the animals can be the best solution. For this kind of task, reliable equipment is key.

Written by Steffen Stræde
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Most elephants in Africa naturally keep their distance from humans, but occasionally an elephant is tempted by farmers' crops. A field full of sweet, ripe corn is a feast for an elephant, but the visit can be a disaster for the farmer, who risks having his entire harvest destroyed.

These human-wildlife conflicts sometimes end with villagers taking matters into their own hands and trying to drive the elephant away with arrows and spears.

That's why organizations like Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) work hard to keep the elephants away, sometimes fitting them with a GPS collar so they can be monitored to see if they enter areas where they are a danger to humans and themselves.


Tino - an unwanted visitor

Exactly such a scenario unfolded earlier this year when Tino, a young male elephant, once again was an unwanted visitor in the Tana River community. As Tino approached the village, KWS was alerted and it was decided to relocate the elephant to a park in Tsavo West for the safety of both the locals and the elephant.

TIno - alert

From a helicopter, Tino was anesthetized with a DANiNJECT IM rifle, and the immobilized elephant was then lifted onto a large truck to be driven to Tsavo. Both the anesthesia and the relocation went as planned, and Tino is now thriving in his new surroundings in Tsavo West.

Reliable equipment is key

Moving an elephant is a huge logistical exercise that requires a lot of personnel and equipment - just renting the helicopter is a significant cost.

That's why it's crucial that the rangers can rely on the equipment they have in hand when the mission culminates in the tranquilization of the animal. If the equipment fails, the mission is a failure. If the animal is not immobilized as planned, you risk endangering both the elephant and the employees' lives.

Therefore, DANiNJECT is proud to work with KWS and the Mara Elephant Project on the important work of resolving human-wildlife conflicts. 

Photo credit: Marc Goss, CEO of Mara Elephant Project