New microchip dart will make tagging of semi-wild animals much easier

The new microchip dart is now available. The innovative product will make chip marking of domestic animals much easier.

Written by Steffen Stræde


New project aims to increase knowledge about the spectacled bear

Supported by Givskud Zoo Nature Fund and using DANiNJECT equipment, Spectacled Bear Conservation Society plans to fit bears with GPS collars to learn more about their movement in the Peruvian mountains.


3 reasons why reliable equipment is critical when immobilizing animals

The right equipment ensures not only the success of the operation but also the safety and welfare of both the animals and the veterinary team.


Reflectors prove helpful with the recollection of valuable GPS collars

DANiNJECT equipment plays a role in immobilizing the large oxen when the collars are fitted, and it is also a solution developed in collaboration with DANiNJECT that helps researchers find the valuable collars again.


Relocating Tino - how DANiNJECT equipment helps in human-wildlife conflicts

When humans and wild animals start fighting over resources, relocating the animals can be the best solution. For this kind of task, reliable equipment is key.


'Outstanding' DANiNJECT Rifles Used in Brown Bear Research Project

DANiNJECT equipment has played an important role in The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project. "Equipment you can rely on is essential", says lead researcer Jon M. Arnemo.


Successful translocation of rare huemul in Patagonia

Using DANiNJECT equipment for immobilization a team of researchers and veterinarians successfully translocated 5 of the endangered animals to study them and enroll them in a breeding program.


DANiNJECT equipment used for dramatic elephant rescue

A frantic mother elephant made it impossible for park authorities and veterinarians to help a baby elephant caught in a drainage hole. The elephant was immobilized with DANiNJECT equipment.


Researchers use DANiNJECT equipment to capture muskoxen in Greenland

Reliable equipment is key when researchers immobilize muskoxen in very low temperatures and windy conditions.


Baby elephant survives herpes virus in Copenhagen Zoo

DANiNjECT equipment was used during the intensive and successful treatment of the young elephant.

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