New DANiNJECT Blowpipes

Our very popular blowpipes used by veterinarians and wildlife managers worldwide have been improved in both design and function

Written by Steffen Stræde


Successful translocation of rare huemul in Patagonia

Using DANiNJECT equipment for immobilization a team of researchers and veterinarians successfully translocated 5 of the endangered animals to study them and enroll them in a breeding program.


DANiNJECT equipment used for dramatic elephant rescue

A frantic mother elephant made it impossible for park authorities and veterinarians to help a baby elephant caught in a drainage hole. The elephant was immobilized with DANiNJECT equipment.


Researchers use DANiNJECT equipment to capture muskoxen in Greenland

Reliable equipment is key when researchers immobilize muskoxen in very low temperatures and windy conditions.


Baby elephant survives herpes virus in Copenhagen Zoo

DANiNjECT equipment was used during the intensive and successful treatment of the young elephant.


Wolf GPS-tagged for the first time in Denmark using DANiNJECT equipment

For the first time, a wolf has been captured and GPS-tagged in Denmark. The wolf was successfully immobilized using DANiNJECT equipment.


Vancouver Aquarium uses DANiNJECT on sea lions at sea

Vancouver Aquarium Team uses DANiNJECT to remove plastic packing straps from entangled sea lions as part of the Seal Lions Disentanglement Program.


Very successful final test of new DANiNJECT transmitters

We are in the final stage of developing a whole new range of transmitter- and tracking darts for the field of animal immobilization


Parks Canada uses DANiNJECT

Parks Canada uses DANiNJECT to obtain biopsies from Plains Bison (Bison bison)


New DANiNJECT tracking dart tested in Kenya

We are currently in the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya preparing for final testing of the new state-of-the-art transmitter and tracking dart we have developed.

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