Revolutionary new product from DANiNJECT

The patented chip-dart that makes it possible to inject animals with number chip from a distance.

Written by Steffen Stræde
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DANiNJECT has developed and patented an innovative new method for animal number chip injection. This new chip-dart makes it possible to shoot the animal identification chip from a distance, thereby eliminating the need for traditional herding methods and/or immobilization. By using DANiNJECT usual precision technology the impact on the animals is very low and without unnecessary stress for the animal. This breakthrough not only simplifies the chip marking process but also guarantees a more comfortable and stress-free experience for the animals involved.

Extensive testing has been conducted on various animals, resulting in an impressive 100% success rate. Each animal subjected to the chip marking process had a readable chip perfectly placed, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency.

See the technique in action by viewing the video that shows one of the test situations. The method was put to the test on semi-wild Exmoor horses at Rewilding Mols, where DANiNJECT led the mandatory chip marking process using specially designed chip marking darts with a JMST11 rifle. Apart from a two-second startle, the animals experienced absolutely no stress, and became calm again immediately after being injected with the chip.

Rewilding Mols, a nature conservation initiative based on the principle of rewilding in Denmark, served as the ideal setting for showcasing the effectiveness of DANiNJECT's new innovative chip-dart method. The specific selection of semi-wild Exmoor horses highlighted the adaptability and success of this approach within in-situ scenarios.

In a global community that places increased emphasis on ethical and humane practices in animal care, DANiNJECT's method is a noteworthy development in the field of chip marking. DANiNJECT will continue to be committed to improving animal welfare in animal and wildlife management through continuous development of new products and methods.