Successful translocation of rare huemul in Patagonia

Using DANiNJECT equipment for immobilization a team of researchers and veterinarians successfully translocated 5 of the endangered animals to study them and enroll them in a breeding program.

Written by Steffen Stræde
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The huemul - or South Andean deer, as it is also known - is rarely sighted, and with less than 2000 animals living in the wild in Chile and Argentina, Patagonia, the species is threatened with extinction. 

Therefore, Argentinian veterinarians from Fundacion Temaiken are working on a breeding program and needed to translocate a number of animals from the wild to the research facilities. 

The team used DANiNJECT rifles and darts for the immobilization of the animals to secure both effective and safe sedation of the endangered animals.

In late 2022, the team managed to locate and immobilize 5 huemuls that were then successfully translocated to the research facilities. The plan is to release the animals back into the wild at a later time. 


Photo credit: Martin Falzone, Fundacion Temaiken

huemul darting 1Argentina, Huemul darting, Martin Falzone 4Argentina, Huemul darting, Martin Falzone 6