Vancouver Aquarium uses DANiNJECT on sea lions at sea

Vancouver Aquarium Team uses DANiNJECT to remove plastic packing straps from entangled sea lions as part of the Seal Lions Disentanglement Program.

Written by Steffen Stræde

The DANiNJECT JMST11 CO2 projector is used as a vital part of Vancouver Aquarium Seal Lion Entanglement Program. Sea lions entangled in plastic are identified and immobilized to remove the different materials in which they have been entangled. Plastic packing straps are the most common material they encounter.  

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Blog #8, Billede2Photos: Vancouver Aquarium. Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans. All rights reserved.


Watch the video via the link and see the life-threatening effect of plastic to the sea lion specifically and to marine animals in general.


IIn DANiNJECT we are very concerned with the conservation of our oceans and want to provide the equipment necessary for protecting especially the marine mammals. Therefore, we are currently investing a lot of time and money in developing equipment for this specific field ... and, included the whale tail into our new logo.